STOTT Pilates – Mat with Machine

Improve on your technique and target specific areas of the body with Reformer Pilates. A machine designed-specifically for STOTT PILATES® practitioners, the Reformer provides resistance and precise guidance as you move through your Pilates routine.

Duration: 60 minutes

This class has no fixed schedule, please inquire for available slots.

STOTT Pilates – Mat with Props

Learn and master the essential exercises of STOTT PILATES® in group or private sessions. You will develop your core strength, control and endurance to achieve your fitness goals. Props such as stability balls, barrels and foam rollers are used to add variety and improve overall body conditioning.

Duration: 60 minutes
What to wear/bring:

Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothes that will allow your instructor to see your bone alignment and muscle engagement. Mat pilates students are required to bring their own pilates or yoga mats.